Carolina Away

Carolina Away students take digital courses and discover special opportunities at UNC. Along the way, they can participate in small-group experiences with classmates, faculty, and staff.

In Spring 2021, the program is expanding. We continue to offer the original program and support to enrolled Carolina Away students. In addition, Carolina Away faculty, staff, and student ambassadors are diversifying programming to create options for other First Year Tar Heels who are interested in exploring the university digitally and meeting classmates online. A new Carolina Away Opportunity Curriculum and a Social Activity Hub will offer ways to connect and create community.

The Spring 2021 commitment will elevate two components of the Carolina Away promise:

  • simple electives that are one credit hour pass/fail courses that let students get to know professors and learn about their work on contemporary issues in health, economic development, and global affairs. In these weekly gatherings, instructors will help students discover research opportunities, service learning courses, internships and student organizations;
  • dedicated, peer support to engage student activity and student-run organizations. Led by a student advisory council with the sustained commitment of Carolina Away’s student ambassadors, Carolina Away students join special social opportunities and receive special notices of relevant events, opportunities, and organizations.

Carolina Away Social Activity Hub

The Spring 2021 Carolina Away program has new web-based tools and student ambassadors to support engagement. This student led, staff-supported team works regularly to curate experiences and get the word out on upcoming events. In addition Carolina Away Ambassadors host movie nights, basketball watch parties, game nights and other social gatherings to help people connect and let people spend time with each other outside class.

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Student Success

The Carolina Away program team congratulates you on a successful year so far.


Students talk about their experiences with and the value of their Carolina Away courses.

    Mohana Murarisetty
    Yuhang Li
    Josie Davis
Maggie Rand

Maggie Rand's words

“The most memorable portion of this class was when Dr. Downing delivered a lecture on the short story The Black Spider, Dr. Downing drew my attention to fascinating bits of symbolism I had missed during my initial reading of the text. Compared to other classes, this course provided a greater opportunity to get to know my peers on a deeper level. Through Breakout Room discussions and our group project I was able to chat and collaborate with a number of my classmates. This Carolina Away experience through our lectures exposed me to a number of professors who are experts in an array of disciplines. In the future. I would like to enroll in the courses they teach.”

— Rand on fall 2020’s “Cults & Contagion: Religion and Disease from the Middle Ages to Modern Times”

What it's like to teach

English and comparative literature Ph.D. candidate Nora Augustine taught the COVID Investigations “Gender, Health and Civic Engagement Under Lockdown” as part of the Carolina Away program in fall 2020.

    Nora talks about inviting guest speakers to her class, which she hopes to continue in future courses she teaches.

    Nora Augustine

    Nora reflects on how she and her students learned from each other.