Carolina Away

Carolina Away is a set of undergraduate courses specifically designed for students who are facing extraordinary challenges in their ability to return to an in-person, residential experience for Fall 2021. These courses may be a great option for undergraduate international students facing obstacles to travel or receiving their visas, as well as incoming or continuing  undergraduate students who face obstacles in returning to campus this fall

For students who are planning their fall classes who may feel that expanded access to online courses would be essential to their ability to continue to make progress toward their degree, please consult the “Fall Resources/Online Options” tile on your ConnectCarolina student home page. Here you will find more information on resources, including an inquiry form if you need more directed assistance based on your circumstances.

For those students who are placed in Carolina Away, the curriculum includes regular UNC-Chapel Hill courses designed for online delivery and remote access. To support progress toward diverse degree goals, courses include early pathway courses to fulfill important requirements, discovery courses to explore new fields, and curated electives that can contribute to major requirements.

In addition to classes, Carolina Away offers, via Carolina Away student ambassadors, social programming and activities that encourage students to participate in the life of the campus from afar. Finally, students in Carolina Away work with academic advisors who offer focused support for students in remote learning circumstances.

For additional information about Carolina Away, please see the answers to frequently asked questions under the “About” tab.